Hilary Duff Surprises Miley Cyrus

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Hilary Duff Surprises Miley Cyrus

Post  Reemy on Tue Dec 25, 2007 5:58 pm

While answering a phoned-in question for MuchOnDemand, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus received a thrilling surprise – the seemingly random caller was actually Hilary Duff!

When the secret was revealed to Cyrus, she was flabbergasted and literally couldn’t speak for a few seconds. Once she gained her composure, the host asked whether Miley wanted any advice from Ms. Duff.

“Anything!” Miley exclaimed. “You are amazing and getting to meet you was seriously…it was like…I never like, be quiet, and I was for once, speechless! I was so happy. so thank so much just for everything! And also, and I never got a chance to tell you this, but thank you for making it cool to be a good girl and to want to be a good role model. Thank you making that cool. Cuz that’s something that really…I look up to you a lot for that.”

“Awww…thank you so much,” Duff replied. “Well you’re doing such a good job and you have such a career ahead of you and it’s been really cool just to get to watch someone I know admires me to see them grow up and be so successful and do things that they love and have fun. And that’s one thing you should always remember is that as hard as it is to make those sacrifices of not getting to be with your friends or waking up early you know, it’s still worth it. And so many people would love to be in your boots.”

The mutual admiration the two had for each other was palpable to everybody who was watching.


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